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if it was placed there intentionally or part of the environment. >> do you think the people that are in critical condition, they are okay? >> they are not looking okay. it's not what critical means. so, it's really too early to say. >> how long will it take before this process will be critical within hours? >> a number of patients require repeat operations tomorrow and serial operations over the next couple days. a lot of the injuries are combined. they are combined with soft tissue and vascular. they have to be approached in a different factor. >> how about eardrums? are you seeing shattered eardrums? >> we have seen at least one. it's not uncommon with a blast injury. one of the things on my to-do list for tonight for me and the residents is go back around, it can be hard if people are being rushed to the operating room to get examed, to repeat the exams. >> can you give us more information on the hometown? >> no, i'm sorry, i can't. [ inaudible ] >> can you talk about how many will here? >> i can't tell you a previce number. [ inaudible question ] >> i don't know. >> can you give us an age ra
on the environment, people in the area, that sort of thing. >> scott, real quick, i know when you were talking to what you believe is the owner's son there, he said we simply don't know what happened. obviously, about the blast they have no idea what happened. but did he give you any indication at all why firefighters were there in the first place? because obviously there had been a fire there burning for some time. >> he did not seem to know the details on that. he just indicated that he knew that firefighters had responded, you know, there to the plant for some reason. and as far as he knew, they were the only people who would have been in there at the time that the explosion happened. >> i'm just curious, shock, did he seem shaken or upset at this point? >> he did. there was certainly an urgency to his voice, brian. i would say that. >> scott friedman, our investigative reporter, already on the case tonight. scott, i know you'll be working this tomorrow. thanks for your help tonight. we appreciate it. >> all right. as we take another look at some of the images that have been coming in tonig
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)